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Neo Cortex - The Band

Neo Cortex (aka Neo Cortex the Band) is an American New Wave duo formed in February 1999 by Steve Bujanow and Chris Theriault, and then later a trio when we formed Neo C Christianity and Sue Anthony joined us on our first Christian Rock album "Piety and Affection". Our music is heavily influenced by the Electronic and Synth-Pop pioneers of the 1980s.

Steve writes the lyrics and is the lead vocalist. Chris does the music composition, plays the instruments (primarily synths and guitar), track arrangement, and produces the final recordings. Sue provides backup vocals and plays the keyboard. You can learn more about each of us by visiting our band member page in the links above.

Neo Cortex has written, composed, and recorded over 350 songs, and released 16 albums, with more still to come. Scroll down on the page to see our album art. You'll also find a link to our lyric archive page where you can read the lyrics for all of our songs, including Neo C Christianity's. Three of our favorites are on this page, including their audio. And there are links to our YouTube channels, where you can listen to hundreds of our songs.

In 2019 26 of our "Lost, then Found" early Neo Cortex demos were salvaged from cassette tapes that were believed lost. You can listen to these on our Neo Cortex The Band YouTube channel.

In 2019 Steve, Chris, and Sue "virgin birthed" the Christian Rock band Neo C Christianity. Together we have released more than 35 songs over 4 albums, and our next album is in the works. Scroll down on the page to see our album art and use the link to our Neo C Christianity YouTube channel. There you can listen to all of Neo C's released songs.

Above you will find links to the Mind Bytes and Links pages. The Bytes pages contain short stories and musings written by Steve. The Links are sites we think are fun or interesting.

You can learn even more about us by reading the updated interview on Steve's band member page.

We thank you for visiting our website and would love to hear your comments and thoughts.
Steve, Chris, and Sue

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::The Lyrics::
"Imply Cool"
Neo Cortex The Band Greatest Hits, Vol. II

Or going up hills,
Exercise please,
Don't pay steep bills.

Work out,
Or vegetate,
Poke the boss,
Make his ego deflate.

Drive the car,
Go to school,
Breathe in clean air molecules.

Get married,
Have a kid,
Learn hard math,

Have ideas,
Write a song,
Make the laughter,
Go on and on.

You have a life,
To live on full,
Only imply,
That you are cool
::The Lyrics::
"Follow His Light"
Neo Cortex The Band Greatest Hits, Vol. III

I think,
I see,
A million whitecaps,
Making waves,
And they're taking no naps.

Fresh and speaking,
So native,
I have freedom to create,
Oh, creative.

And immense.
Blowing strong,
Oh, intense.

God's hands,
Ever more than slight,
Follow His light.

A mortal!
Here, a man,
This I ask,
Because I can.

Flawed mortal,
That, you are.
Mortal flawed,
That, you are.
::The Lyrics::
"Cool Christian!"
Neo C Christianity Classical Trinity EP# 1

Become a cool Christian,
And have a bold mission,
Be righteous,
In any situation.

The cool Christian,
Has made a conversion,
Baptized and cleansed,
By water immersion.

The cool Christian,
Knows He is our mighty rock,
Loving and guiding us,
All around the clock.

Turn the pages of the Bible,
Read it and make it viable,
Bless His name,
And He will sustain.

The cool Christian!
The Christian of cool!
Always having faith!
That gives us the fuel!

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Neo Cortex has released 17 radical albums, and a truly frosty yuletide beat.
(2000) The Neo Demos.jpg (2002) The Mindful Collection.jpg (2002) The Lakeside Tracks.jpg (2004) Synapse.jpg
(2004) Neuron.jpg (2004) Gray Matter Matters.jpg (2004) Our Wild Brainchild.jpg (2005) Thought Process.jpg
(2005) Sentience.jpg (2006) 391.5 MB Cerebro.jpg (2007) Thinking Cap.jpg (2008) Creative Green Garage.jpg
(2008) Singing in the Stream of Consciousness.jpg (2011) 14th Intellect....jpg (2013) Smart Art.jpg (2015) The Wisdom of the Ages.jpg
(2020) The Lost then Found Vintage Neo Demos and Lakeside Tracks.jpg (2020) The New Wave Christmas Demos.jpg

Neo Cortex has compiled 15 Greatest Hits albums.  Only the best of our best!
Greatest Hits Vol. 1.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 2.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 3.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 4.jpg
Greatest Hits Vol. 5.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 6.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 7.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 8.jpg
Greatest Hits Vol. 9.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 10.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 11.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 12.jpg
Greatest Hits Vol. 13.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 14.jpg Greatest Hits Vol. 15.jpg

Neo C Christianity has released 4 righteous albums, with more to come...
(2019) Classical Triad.jpg (2019) Piety and Affection.jpg (2022) Anchor of Hope.jpg (2023) An Absolute Dogma EP4.jpg
(2023) An Absolute Dogma.jpg (2024/5) TBD.jpg

     This is the equipment and technology we use to creatively engineer our auditory art.

    Musical Instruments:
  • Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Guitar
  • Larrivee Acoustic Guitar
  • 66 Fender Strat Guitar
  • Jackson DK25 Dinky Electric Guitar
  • Tassman 4 Synth
  • Korg Micro Korg Synth
  • Alesis Micron Synth
  • Korg Karma Synth
  • Roland Juno 106 Synth
  • Korg M1 Synth

  • Studio Equipment:
  • Shure Beta 58A Microphone
  • AT 4050 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
  • Alesis SR-18 Drum Machine
  • Mackie HR 824 Studio Monitors
  • Adam A7 Studio Monitor
  • FocusRite 18i8 Scarlett Interface
  • Mac Pro 3.2 GHZ 8 Core 2 Quadcore Processors
  • Omnisphere Synth Software
  • Dopamine Mastering
  • Trilian Bass Module
  • Stylus RMX Drum Software
  • Over Overloud Guitar Processor
  • Gem Voice Vocal Processor
  • Logic Pro 10 Version 10.4.8
  • Vox Tone Lab
  • VSL Vienna Orchestral Samples
  • Symphony Ivory Piano Samples
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Copyright © 1999 - 2024 · Steve Bujanow, Chris Theriault, Neo Cortex The Band, aka Neo Cortex · All rights reserved.