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Everything is Done

"I will sing to the Lord
All my life, I will sing to my God
As long as I live,
May my meditation be
Pleasing to Him,
As I rejoice in the Lord."
-Psalm 104:33-34
Stirring hearts,
He's the salt of the earth,
More than a man,
On a most moral course.
Call Him "Christos"
Ridding evil and converting pagans,
The prophet Isaiah spoke:
"Word of the Lord would go forth to all nations."
His myriad way,
And His true identity,
The face of God,
Remains a mystery?!
The ethereal sound of angels,
Singing in the chorus,
The white lilies in the field,
Proclaim a sweet fragrant promise.
Jesus said:
"Everything is done"
Before He died,
Then bowed His head,
"I'm going back to the Father"
He replied.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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