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The Yin and the Yang

Shadows on the floor,
So black and in dark form,
Opposite of light,
Which is bright and very warm.
But these two things live together,
And live at night and day,
It's true you can't escape it,
And both are here to stay.
Traveling at the speed of light,
Is such an amazing thing,
But shadows are so different,
For at night they go away.
It's the Yin and the Yang,
The circle of black and white,
This is a Chinese premise,
To explain this part of life.
And they're not real objects,
You can't hold them with your hands,
So now you'll have to accept them,
And see them when you can.
This world is just so fickle,
These things will come and go,
And from the beginning of this planet,
These things have both been known.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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