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A place of important illustration,
Fixing those unsaved nations.
Receive Christ,
He's chosen us from the beginning,
The Lordship of Jesus,
Is never ending.
Unmatched support,
His commitment,
The judges are leaders,
Political, military, and religious.
Take a minute to rapid write,
Without worldly distraction,
We need reproof for elaboration.
It doesn't dry out,
The biblical things to be said,
My best ideas start,
When they zip in my head.
He betrayed for 30 pieces of silver,
Watch therefore,
Judas's bad maneuver.
Learn about the folks,
Of New Testament days,
Meet: John the Baptist, Mary and Joseph,
The disciples and the followers of the way.
I am a Theist!
My ruler does exist!
And He is at the top of my list!

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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