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Man of the Cave

A cave in,
On the caveman,
He didn't have a computer,
Or a way to get a tan.
He liked to paint,
But not like Picasso,
In Spain or France,
Not funny like Groucho.
Man of the cave,
You are so brave,
May I have your autograph?
Is your name Dave?
Oh, wait,
You can't read or even write,
Just grunt and groan,
You might still seem bright.
You're so short,
You need platform shoes,
Go and find a barber,
To make you look GQ.
Sign on the line,
Just make an "x',
Don't worry about the details,
Do your best.
But I'm not,not,not, a caveman,
I'm not, not, not, you see,
I'm not, not, not, a cavemen,
Not, not will I ever be.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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