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Cry or Grin

Perpetual motion,
Could never work or ever be,
I expend a lot of energy,
But it won't come back to me.
Nothing is for free,
Except maybe the air we breathe,
But the quality's getting worse,
This is no fantasy.
So I talk and walk around,
Like a chapter in a play,
Page after page,
With comic errors to be made.
Maybe even Shakespeare even wondered,
How his characters would all fit in,
Creating the scenarios,
To make you cry or make you grin.
Living is sometimes sad,
And other times plain fun,
But no one is ever complete,
Until you've lost,
And also won.
Who can keep the score
Of the good and of the bad?
Making the most of life,
As a struggling undergrad.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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