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Bad Press

I'll always make mistakes,
Not too good and not too great,
So man your battle stations,
And help your poor shipmates.
The shadow of a bird,
A blackness that covers the ground,
Fein a strong left hook,
And live happily as a clown.
Go and take the field trip,
But just don't fall down,
Commune with old man winter,
When he comes to your small town.
Anyone can be a critic,
And this could be an understatement,
It's what's inside that counts,
Don't be intimidated.
Connection is like confection,
It's sweet and good to taste,
Go and make more friends,
In the country of United States.
Shoot your guided missile,
To find your own soul mate,
Hope it won't explode,
With a feeling of deep hate.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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