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Out of the Shell

To arms, to arms!
To break out of the shell,
To arms, to arms!
Don't sit back,
Just rebel!
Crack the exoskeleton,
Because you'd rather have some skin,
It's something insects have,
And likewise live in.
So, are you like the mollusk?
With a hard external covering?
It's a question that has me,
Thinking and always wondering.
Also the crustaceans,
that appear down in the sea,
but do they have a shell?
Like the kind that covers me?
You need the epidermis,
It's as simple as a,b,c,
It's elastic and protective,
And waterproof there to be.
Because everyone wants to be human,
With this tissue all exposed,
We want to let down are guard,
When we're going to and fro.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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