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Extinct animal,
It took the penalty,
Like the dodo bird,
In the 17th century.
A flightless bird,
Or a flightless man,
Yet I am still a person,
Part of a big clan.
But it doesn't matter,
Why should I care the least?
Extinction is better than,
Getting eaten by a beast.
The dodo is a fool,
But that could be me or you,
Way out of fashion,
And unintelligent too.
Do, do, do, do,
You walked on two short legs,
Do, do, do, do,
And laid but a single egg.
Do, do, do, do,
You were exterminated by man,
Do, do, do, do,
Part of a short lived plan.
Do, do, do, do,
You weighed fifty pounds,
Do, do, do, do,
You no longer make a sound.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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