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Nuclear Reactor

Aimed at your face,
Four short letters,
To destroy and to erase.
Will it land on my head?
Or what about my feet?
Can I kick it back up?
Into outer space?
Don't split, the atom,
Because he likes the way he is,
It will make him a double,
That he will always miss.
Fusion, too, can cause a reunion,
Scientists put it together,
For a powerful solution.
The nuclear missile,
Is not very friendly,
It doesn't bother to knock,
Because it thinks it's too trendy.
Are you a nuclear reactor?
Because you look rather mad,
Don't melt down your body,
Things aren't that bad.
Eat the mushroom clouds,
They may turn out delicious,
Stay warm in nuclear winter,
Through the coldness and the dimness.
Join the nuclear family,
It's just you,
Mom and dad,
They are always radioactive,
And glowing just a tad.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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