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Not of the Secular Brain

God stitches,
He handmade me,
Writing with Neo C Christianity,
Our earthly bodies,
Are just a brief story,
A tiny thing,
A short allegory.
Handling the cares,
To relieve,
On our behalf,
We feel release,
I'm not always right,
Never was, never will be,
No perfect people here,
On my family tree.
Under construction,
Led by pillar, cloud, and fire,
For your faith,
To climb higher and higher,
Make progress,
Not perfection,
These momentary troubles,
Without desperation.
Leave my mark,
Have significance,
Do good things, it's legalistic,
I shed my old life,
Born a second time,
Becoming one with Christ,
Was so divine.
God sits back,
We're far from the mainstream,
Our quirky music,
Is not of the secular brain.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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