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Make it Last

If you're really, really sad,
Go and try some laughing gas,
But don't take the hemlock,
Like Socrates had had.
Enter the melodrama,
In the old 19th century,
With good or bad characters,
Fun for the few or for the many.
The cotton gin,
Won't make your mouth dry,
Won't even get you drunk,
So this will not apply.
Ride the wooly mammoth,
Even though he's now extinct,
He's got the shaggy coat,
Never ended up in the pink.
Now it's all over,
For some creatures of the past,
Human beings might be next,
So we have to make it last.
Trees and ozone going,
Pollution is on the rise,
Murder and drugs run rampant,
With this I can't comply.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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