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I Sing

Law of the jungle,
Request in the sand,
Decree in the water,
I sing with the band.
I sing with the band,
I sing with my heart,
I sing in the daylight,
I sing to make art.
But we don't use any paint,
And we don't use a brush,
But we'd like your ears to listen,
To the minds of both of us.
What we do is called invention,
Which is a lot of so-called fun,
People won't get hurt,
With a mike but with a gun.
But I only have a mike,
With no place to put the bullets,
I plug the cable in,
And then I sing and start to do it.
Then I sing and start to do it,
But not for the top 40,
Someone listen now,
I give you the authority.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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