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Peaceful Endurance

Flying fish,
Swimming bird,
Weird things like this,
Happen in our world.
What was He thinking?
I sure don't know,
It's none of my business,
He's the one in control.
Super human power,
Or pure true beauty,
God has the vision,
And carries out His duties.
I hope He's listening,
To what I have to say,
All knowing and our creator,
That's the way it will stay.
What could I ask Him?
What could He tell?
He might give me His answer,
Ringing a chime or a bell.
He's mysterious for sure,
But He's still out there,
I feel His power,
As I write in this chair.
Work through me,
I am your servant,
Please grant me,
Peaceful endurance.
A servant going towards,
Peaceful endurance,
A servant that seeks,
Peaceful endurance.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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