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Inside Your Skull

We have 2000 cc's of brain size,
Located in our skulls,
Keeping this in mind,
We should act smart and not dull.
Motorcycles may also have many
Cc's too,
But they can't read, learn math,
Or go to public school.
Is there enough room?
Upstairs in my head?
There are 30 billion cells,
But we can all learn to forget.
It's fun to remember,
All the things that didn't hurt,
We want pleasure to last,
Just to give us some support.
A weird paradox,
May just come and ruin your day,
You think about the answer,
But it won't show you the way.
Is it true or false?
The answer is still elusive,
What you need most now,
Is something that's more conclusive.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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