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Jack In The Box

Jack in the box,
He waits for the music to play,
He wants to get out now,
To make the children afraid.
But why is he called Jack?
And not some other type of name?
I think he likes to be mysterious,
And make it his own game.
He leads a boring life,
He sees light here and there,
He doesn't have any friends,
But I don't think he cares.
When the crank is turned and turned,
He gets ready for his show,
He never has anything to say,
But up and out he goes.
He has a weird sort of manner,
Pop the weasel creates surprise,
He always wears funny clothes,
And has no social life.
You know when he'll be back,
And he knows that certain time,
But until then he'll be silent,
Silent as a mime.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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