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Something I Know

How's it going?
Can we talk on the phone?
Our truth is both essential,
To stay in our zone.
Left to right,
And right to left,
Singing a song,
Without a single G-Clef.
Can I play?
Or can I sing?
Making the best,
Of an antiquated thing.
Doors open fast,
And windows open slow,
Trying to live,
By something I know,
Something I know.
Wearing the crown,
Is such an easy sentence,
Because he is the king,
Without any question.
The joker is funny,
Because he's just a fool,
Laughing and dancing,
While the king always rules.
Living in the past,
A long time ago,
My life in the Middle Ages?
Or middle of the road?

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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