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Slow Grooved Crew

Synth-pop snail on the keyboards,
Jams with the slow but steady sloth,
His three toed drumming is featured,
He hangs upside down a lot.
And the slug plays the bass,
And plays right in your face,
He's never had a live gig,
But is a four stringed ace.
Another member of the band,
Is the hip and red-shelled crab,
Doing all the vocals,
And living in the sand.
And the tortoise and the turtle,
Are always in the studio,
Doing all the mixing,
And engineering by this duo.
But they don't need a drummer,
A machine will suffice,
It tries to keep them in time,
Their beat is not too tight.
These guys aren't fast,
So what's the big hurry?
Their tempo needs some work,
It's done a little poorly.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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