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Venus of Willendorf

I know your name,
The Venus of Willendorf,
You stand so small,
As if you were a dwarf.
You're a statue,
Made out of limestone,
You are very old,
From a long time ago.
You weren't polished,
You are just what you are,
A genuine woman,
4 1/2 inches tall.
Naturalistic form,
Your body organic,
A work of art,
I can't take you for granted.
Paleolithic era,
There was the need to survive,
An artist made your form,
In your ancient look or prime.
There was hunting and gathering,
And the recording of time,
They used stone tools,
Created by early minds.
The Stone Age,
Caves and animal skins too,
Stone huts of mud,
What else could you do?
Language had been started,
To talk about this chick,
With the making of art,
This sculpture exists.
Venus, you are the first,
To be remembered,
You may look fat today,
But you still are a treasure.
Where are your hands, arms, or your face?
You're from Austria,
Which is your birthplace.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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