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Far Away Friends

Far away friends,
Will last to the end,
Distance doesn't matter,
Or any cultural trends.
Laughter and peace,
Can be spread through our world,
Like the graceful soaring wings,
Of a beautiful white bird.
All people are the same,
Though we may speak a different tongue,
When getting close together,
We watch the magic as it comes.
Waiting for the moment,
That we will all share in time,
Feeling love and warmth,
Will never ever die.
So the happiness has arrived,
And the world stops the hating,
It's just a minute in our lives,
But it's really great for saving.
The second time around,
It's now even all the better,
And ten times more fun,
Than writing a heart felt letter.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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Copyright©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow, Neocortex. All Rights Reserved.

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