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The Knight's Lesson

The dead white knight,
Fought the fire breathing dragon,
He threw water in his face,
As if he was braggin'.
He was a tough sort of guy,
But he was near his end,
The dragon beat him up,
And this was not pretend.
Next he used his lance,
But was still hurtin' of course,
Despite all of this,
He jumped on his strong willed horse.
It didn't do much good,
The dragon merely laughed,
He said :"this knight is crazy,
Thinking he'll have the upper hand."
So, the knight wanted his treasure,
He thought he'd be a pushover,
But I think he learned his lesson,
That he was way beyond his threshold.
The dragon, is good,
In the East,
Yet bad,
In the west,
An unwanted guest.
Green scales,
A pair of wings,
And a long tail,
This monster lives and breathes,
In his rocky lair.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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