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Echo, Echo

Echo, echo,
Please say it again,
Echo, echo,
Start a vocal trend.
Echo, echo,
Where have you been?
Echo, echo,
You are my friend.
It is called an echo,
And I'll say it just once,
It bounces around and around,
And then repeats itself.
I love the echo,
Because it happens so fine,
When shouting off a cliff,
Or when recording inside.
It sounds so cool,
The bat knows it too,
And also the porpoise,
Uses it to go find some food.
Echo, echo,
It's a reflection of myself,
It goes away,
Yet returns so well.
Echo, echo,
It's time to return,
It's on its way back,
So don't be concerned.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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