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The Tall and the Small

The sleeping giant,
And the dozing midget,
Didn't do well at school,
Because they wanted to miss it.
They take it easy,
They don't want a job,
Or going to college,
Without a blink and a nod.
One is really tall,
And one is really short,
It seems so ironic,
They live right down the block.
They grew up together,
One faster than the other,
The funny part is,
That they both had the same mother.
You may think,
It's weird, strange,
Or wacko,
If they both joined the circus,
They'd probably steal the show.
7 foot 10,
4 foot 6,
They'll always be friends,
We should learn from all of this.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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