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Jack-Knifed Jackal

A jack-knifed jackal,
Smokes a lot of tobacco,
Cheating from people,
Holy mackerel!
He finally got caught,
This is no lie,
Living in jail,
He has no pride.
What a swindler!
His time is up,
He can't get out,
He lost his luck.
Behind bars,
For so many years,
While victims of his actions,
Can forget their tears.
I can't say much!
It's just so bad!
It makes me shout!
It makes me mad!
Justice served,
On a silver platter,
He's locked up now,
That's all that matters.
Now he's a minimal criminal,
Doing maximum time,
No more scams,
And no more crimes.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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