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Noise is not a Song

I don't stay up with the night owl,
Because my body falls right asleep,
I can't turn my head all around,
But in other ways I'm complete.
The barbie doll,
Is not unhappy,
The normal are the weird,
But is it really likely,
To see a cheerleader have a beard?
Ra! Ra! Ra!
Our team will win the game,
The jocks play with their muscles,
And if they lose they feel the shame.
But how about all the geeks?
You may know one or even two,
They're never on the field,
But program in the computer room.
We all become history,
Things will not be prolonged,
Go into the temple,
And ring the giant gong.
The noise you hear may scare you,
The noise is very loud,
The noise is very special,
But the noise is not a song.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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