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Cold Blues

Hey! Make it clear!
Hit the smart spot,
Between my ears.
Bring the sunshine near,
And wash away the tears.
Competing with myself,
A solitary human race,
My left hand against the right,
Both hitting me in the face.
When you want things to get cold,
Go head to the North Pole,
Go straight up and do not turn,
Watch out for the freezer burn.
Join the polar bear club,
You won't need your own bathtub,
His coat is solid white,
So he won't get the frostbite.
Be careful on the ice,
Or life may be sacrificed,
Taking the trip for fun,
May be too overpriced.
Not the true magnetic axis,
The compass won't point direct,
And if you're busy wondering,
It's 90 degrees north,
In fact.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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