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Big Top

I'm gonna join the circus,
I'll be courageous and be daring,
I'll be shot from a cannon,
It will be outstanding.
They'll be jugglers and clowns,
And lots of wire walking,
Nothing needs to be said,
The entertainment does the talking.
Acrobats have the talent,
And make level headed vaults,
They perform all the feats,
Like magic somersaults.
The greatest show on earth,
It's for your information,
There's fun like no tomorrow,
But without any pink elephants.
A wild animal jumping,
Through a fiery, burning hoop,
It's the taste of the exotic,
When the trainer says go through.
The aura of excitement,
One cannot cause debate,
It started with the Romans,
And continues to this date.

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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