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My Master

Lay the foundation,
Victory triumphant,
To thank our God,
We can blow loud metal trumpets.
Unblemished rams,
And bronze bull idols,
Both have a place,
In the story of the Bible.
Be like the winged angels,
They're full of music,
And can be seen,
As tranquil, calm, translucent.
Devout Jews,
Pray many times a day,
When God's proud of you,
Things are bright not gray.
Show our hearts,
By special design,
Rebuke all the ancient lies.
He'll fill your vessel,
He said: "verily I say to you"
His total love,
Is always coming through.
God time!
Quiet time!
Quit living in fear!
It's a valid point that I'll make clear!
My master's happiness!
My master's laugh!
My master's smile!
Shall never pass!

©1999-2021 Steve Bujanow

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