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Click to listen to the single "One Way Road"
from our album, "Smart Art":

One Way Road

Travelling down a one way road,
Life like this is always told,
I have to find,
A road map to unfold.

Here I am,
Like an outcast,
Two directions,
Is it too much to ask?

Just a question,
Where am I going?
I'm only an explorer,
Never knowing.

Hello! Hello!
I'm lost and I'll say so!
Hello! Hello!

One way road,
One way road,
I'll follow where the arrow goes!
One way road.

©2013 Steve Bujanow

Click to listen to "Off the Wall Disco Ball"
also from our album, "Smart Art":

Off the Wall Disco Ball

Hang around with me as your partner,
The odd disco ball,
Makes my night time brighter.

It spins around backwards,
Now you will know,
Weird circular movement,
That's the way it goes?!

I'm on the second floor,
With my wacky disco ball,
If you want to dance,
It would be your call.

Walk up the stairs,
Because I'm up there,
When you reach the top,
The music will blare.

It doesn't like hanging from the ceiling,
And knows how I am feeling,
Even though it's not a human being?!

It's off the wall!
It's off the wall!
It's off the wall!
Disco ball!

©2013 Steve Bujanow

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